The Domain For Blogging Addicts Is Launching


I’ve been blogging on and off for years. Some of my friends like to wind me up about the volume of blogging that I do, but I won’t apologise for it. I am a blog addict and that is just part of my being!

So when I heard about the .blog domain extension I was naturally interested. Time went by and ICANN took their time processing all the applications. I waited and waited and waited.

Finally a few months ago it was announced that not only was .blog going to launch, but that the guys from WordPress were going to run it.

I wrote about the upcoming launch a while ago, but now the “go live” for “general availability” is only days away so I’m really excited!

We (Blacknight) were one of the first companies to get our own .blog domain name and we’ve been using it actively for a time now. Personally I intend to get a few .blog domain names, but apart from my own interests in grabbing a few I’m really interested to see what people will do with the new domain name. It’s a wonderful option for any business or personal blogger!

If you want to get your own .blog domain name we’re still accepting pre-orders with the full launch scheduled for November 21st 2016.

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