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Business As Usual?

We’ve always been a bit cautious about emailing our clients. We all hate our inboxes being swamped with useless emails that don’t add any “value”. However in the current situation we felt that we needed to let our clients know what we were doing and what, if any, impact the current situation was having on […]

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Fact or Fake concept, Hand flip wood cube change the word, April fools day

Domain Scammers Prey on Small Business Owners

We are a technical and technology based company. Our clients, however, are varied. While some might be very technical, the majority of our small business clients use our services to enable and grow their digital presence. They don’t need to understand technology, but they do need to be comfortable using it. Why does this matter? […]

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How Can You Make Hosting Sexy?

IT is boring. Domains aren’t “sexy” or “exciting” and to be frank anyone who gets excited about a server probably needs to get out more. That may seem to be an odd statement coming from me, but it’s not far from the truth. Hosting is an incredibly important service. Screw it up and people’s websites […]

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