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Get Online and Start Selling!

Over the past few months business has changed. Dramatically. Many shops are either still closed or are restricting access or limiting it. And a lot of people aren’t as happy going out to shop as they were before. Yes, the country is gradually re-opening, but things are far from normal. So how are businesses going […]

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screenshot from the first blacknight TV ad

Our First Television Advert is now Live

For the past 15+ years we’ve advertised online, in print and on radio. We’d always wanted to do television, but for a variety of reasons it simply never happened. Now it finally has and here’s our first ever television advert which is running on Sky TV in Ireland. We’re using their programmatic advertising platform called […]

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Trustpilot Review - Laura

Genuine Honest Reviews Add Value

I’ve always felt that being as honest and transparent as possible with our clients was the best way to deal with things. If we have issues, which like every company we do, then we need to “own” them and address them. Hosting isn’t a terribly “sexy” business, but for a lot of our clients the […]

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Making Hosting Sexy In Portland

Earlier this week I was in Portland, Oregon for the cPanel conference. On Wednesday morning I gave the keynote. I’m not sure if cPanel or anyone else recorded it, so in the interim here are my slides: Make Hosting Sexy from Blacknight My talk wasn’t about sex, obviously, but picked up on some of the […]

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Exposing New TLDs Via Usage

This site lives at a .hosting domain name. Not because I didn’t have any suitable .com domain names to use, but because I chose to use an appropriate domain. And by domain I mean the whole thing ie. both sides of the dot. So it made sense, as I pointed out, to opt for a […]

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How Can You Make Hosting Sexy?

IT is boring. Domains aren’t “sexy” or “exciting” and to be frank anyone who gets excited about a server probably needs to get out more. That may seem to be an odd statement coming from me, but it’s not far from the truth. Hosting is an incredibly important service. Screw it up and people’s websites […]

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