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Domain Scammers Prey on Small Business Owners

We are a technical and technology based company. Our clients, however, are varied. While some might be very technical, the majority of our small business clients use our services to enable and grow their digital presence. They don’t need to understand technology, but they do need to be comfortable using it. Why does this matter? […]

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Now’s the Time to Register IE Domains

We’ve been offering .ie domain names for more than 15 years. Over that time the rules, processes and prices for IE domains have evolved considerably. Back in 2003, for example, the wholesale price was €50. To register a .ie domain name at the time was complicated, manual and slow. Fast forward to now. The retail […]

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The Clock Is Ticking .. DotBlog Goes Live Tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon at 1500 UTC, which also happens to be 1500 here in Ireland, .blog will finally go into “general availability”. In other words, anyone who wants to register a .blog domain name will be able to do so without any restrictions. Sure, the registry has got a bunch of “premium” names and there’s also […]

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Why I’m Using A .Hosting Domain

I had my reasons for launching this site, which I touched on in my first post. But what about the choice of domain? I could have easily used a sub-domain off or any one of hundreds of other domains either myself or the company hold. But instead I chose and it wasn’t accidental. […]

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