Hear Me Speak At cPanel’s Conference In Portland


I’ve been invited to speak at the upcoming cPanel conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference, which takes place between October 3rd and October 5th, will cover a range of topics of interest to cPanel users and web hosting providers in general.

So what will I be speaking on?

My keynote is entitled: “How Can You Make Hosting Sexy?”

No, it won’t be about sex, porn or anything like that. It’ll be all about marketing hosting and related services. To give you a taste of what I’ll be talking about have a read of my post from last year. I’ll be expanding on that quite a bit.

As I’ve said repeatedly, hosting and domains aren’t terribly exciting for most people. And the market is increasingly competitive. Marketing your services these days is a lot harder than it was a few years ago.

How can you make your company stand out?

How can you engage with both existing customers and potential clients?

How can you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace?

Can you compete against “mega” hosting providers and registrars that can outspend you?

I’ll try to offer a few ideas and insights into different approaches to marketing and engagement.

If you’re thinking of heading to Portland for the event and want to meet up let me know!

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