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ICANN Studienkreis 2019

The ICANN Studienkreis is organised by Medienstadt Leipzig e.V. / Netcom Institute a NGO recognised At Large Structure under ICANN Bylaws. Established in 1999, the ICANN Studienkreis organizes annual high level expert seminars on subjects, related to Internet Governance and the development of ICANN.

Originally the ICANN Studienkreis emerged as a network of the German speaking Internet community and was mainly supported by the three German speaking ccTLD registries: DENIC for .de, SWITCH for .ch and .li and nic.at for .at. Later the ICANN Studienkreis became internationalized and worked together with partners from the global gTLD communitypo

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The GDD Industry Summit provides contracted parties an opportunity to engage and address issues of mutual interest and importance. This forum enables direct and one-on-one interaction with members of the ICANN org’s GDD team. It is not a typical ICANN meeting, nor is it solely intended for discussions of policy.

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GNSO Council Strategic Planning Meeting

GNSO Council strategy meeting

The 21 members of the Council govern policy development in the GNSO. Stakeholder Groups appoint 18 of its members. For voting purposes, the Council has two houses, like the US Congress or the British Parliament. The Contracted Parties House holds the Registries and Registrars Stakeholder Groups, while the Non-Contracted Parties House holds the Commercial and Non-Commercial Stakeholder Groups. ICANN’s Nominating Committee appoints three Council members, two of which are voting members assigned to each House. The third appointee is an advisor to the Council as a whole. The Council also includes formally appointed but non-voting Liaisons and Observers from other groups within ICANN. This elaborate system provides checks and balances so no single interest group can dominate the Council.

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